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Welcome to Medical Imaging and Intelligent Reality Lab.

MI2RL is a part of Asan Medical Center, a UUCM-affiliated leading hospital in South Korea,

and University of Ulsan  College of Medicine.
Our lab belongs to the Department of Convergence Medicine and Radiology.
MI2RL's research interests are the areas of image-based clinical applications, such as artificial intelligence, 3D printing, medical image processing, computer-aided surgery, robotic interventions, etc. for translational researches in hospitals.
Our lab works closely with multiple clinical collaborators from AMC, and our goal is to use novel technology to provide better treatment for patients (with cancer, oncological, pulmonological, cardiological, neurological, etc. diseases).

Research Fields

  • Medical imaging with deep learning, 3D printing in medicine, image guided robotics, computer aided surgery,
    flows in human body, medical image processing; lung, brain, heart, liver, breast, dental. Practical consideration for deep learning application in medicine.

  • Efficient labeling technology, interpretability and visualization (no blackbox), uncertainty (data level, decision level),        reproducibility of deep learning, novelty in supervised learning, one-shot or multi-shot learning due to Imbalanced data set or rare disease, deep survival, physics induced machine learning.

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